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ProfitKeeper is the ultimate franchise analytics platform that empowers every franchisor and franchisee to achieve more. 

ProfitKeeper isn’t just a great franchise analytics company. We’re all about franchise collaboration and growth—easily enabling enterprise-ready access to franchise data and cutting-edge solutions for financial and business insight. With ProfitKeeper, franchisees can collaborate locally and globally across performance benchmarks, celebrating top performers and learning from their best practices.

Easy, Trusted Franchise Analytics 

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and legacy systems Franchisor CFOs and financial leaders can instantly track and analyze financial, sales, and royalty insights, and consolidate statements with Item 19 of their FDD. Busy franchise owners/operators can easily view their performance and how they are doing compared to peers to learn best practices and continuously improve profitability. And ProfitKeeper’s ease has led to an average brand-wide franchisee financial statement submission rate of 92%.

Enterprise-Ready Platform-as-a-Service

ProfitKeeper was built from the ground up for the cloud. It is not bound by the limitations of legacy solutions ported to the cloud, enabling franchises to elastically scale workloads, including seamless data collaboration-–all with the peace of mind of SOC2 Type II compliance and automated maintenance. Plus, integration is simple and powerful to connect to 3rd-party data sets, tools and applications, and complementary data services.

Unrivaled Passion for Franchising, Meet Kyle!

We often hear from our customers, “You folks know and love franchising.” Meet one of our founding members, Kyle McEuen, a  Certified Franchise Executive™, who oversees franchisor operations, franchisee user experience, and international and enterprise sales growth. Kyle and his wife are also franchisees of Primrose, a leader in early education and care. He began his career in accounting and is a frequent speaker and author of all things franchise.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Arizona State University and an MBA from the University of Arizona. 


Our Franchise Success Stories

For 17 years, ProfitKeeper has partnered with top brands to increase franchisee profitability.

“ProfitKeeper is a great plug-and-play tool that’s simple to use, especially for franchisors who don’t have the time or experience managing financial tools. It delivers excellent service and eliminates the need for a dedicated financial manager, allowing the support team to devote more time and resources to building our franchise network.”

Becky Bongiovanni, Co-Founder and Brand President | CarePatrol


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