Financial & KPI Reporter

Streamline Franchise Business Reporting

Manage your franchise data in one place with the franchise analytics platform built to empower teams to speed financial reporting and uncover business insights.




Streamline Performance Benchmarking

Easily deliver key performance indicators (KPIs) and rankings for franchisees such as sales growth and cost efficiency to empower franchisee collaboration and performance improvement. 

Accelerate Trusted Financial Reporting

One-click consolidated financial statements with data for Item 19 of your FDD and easy-to-use visualizations, dashboards, and ad hoc analysis to uncover insights.

Manage Franchise Data in One Place

Rapidly aggregate all financial, point-of-sale, and operational data into a single source of truth (SSOT) for actionable business intelligence.

“ProfitKeeper allows our franchisees to see their net profits compared to other franchise locations and improve their performance.”

Becky Bongiovanni, Co-Founder and Brand President, CarePatrol

Connect & Validate



Automatically Validate Integrity

Automatically certify the accuracy and quality of source data before using, importing or processing data.

Easily Synch with Accounting Systems

Instantly connect with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop, or import a .csv file from any other accounting system. 

Simplify Integration with Other Systems

Easily integrate KPIs and data from your point-of-sale and other back-office systems and create custom schedules to ensure users can evaluate the data on a timely basis.

Trusted by Top Franchises to Unleash Performance. 

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