The ProfitKeeper Platform

A multi-tenant, enterprise-ready platform that powers ProfitKeeper. ProfitKeeper is uniquely designed to connect franchises globally, across any type or scale of data and different workloads.




SOC® 2 Type II Compliant

Deliver unparalleled franchise data intelligence with the most robust security assurance and brand protection including single sign-on.

Elastic Scalability

Support a virtually unlimited number of concurrent users and workloads ranging from interactive to batch—all with reliable, fast performance.

Fully Automated

Trade in manual management and maintenance for automations through a fully managed platform, reducing risk and improving your operational efficiency.

“ProfitKeeper allows our franchisees to see their net profits compared to other franchise locations and improve their performance.”

Becky Bongiovanni, Co-Founder and Brand President, CarePatrol

Flexible Enterprise Connectivity



Streamline Integration with your Ecosystems

Simply enable secure communication between ProfitKeeper and XeroTM, Quickbooks®.  Easily connect to other systems through web services / open APIs to unlock franchise business intelligence.

Collaborate Globally and Securely

Easily add or edit users, locations, groups, and territories through web services, globally and at any scale to stay current with your business model.

Automate Point-of-Sale Data Collection

Automatically integrate sales numbers directly from your franchisee’s point-of-sale system and share KPIs, benchmarks, and rankings to improve collaboration and performance.

Trusted by Top Franchises to Unleash Performance. 

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