Royalty Reporter

Simplify Franchise Royalty Reporting

Manage your royalty data in one place with the franchise analytics platform built to empower teams to speed royalty processing and reduce collection times. 




Accelerate Trusted Royalty Calculations

Easily compute accurate royalty calculations with unlimited flexibility to handle complex rules, multiple rates, advertising, fixed fees, and fee schedules.

Streamline Royalty Collections

Simply generate a NACHA or flat file to upload to your bank to ACH royalty fees or integrate with your ERP or a third-party payments solution.

Manage Royalty Data in One Place

Quickly aggregate all franchise agreement financial terms from royalty, advertising, and other fees into a single source of truth (SSOT) for royalty data intelligence.

“Having ProfitKeeper is a game changer for us. The first thing we do with the onboarding of new franchisees is train them on how to upload P&Ls to ProfitKeeper.”

Misti Hunt, Assistant Controller, Teriyaki Madness


Boost Royalty Operations Productivity



Automate Point-of-Sale Data Collection

Automatically integrate sales numbers directly from your franchisee’s point-of-sale system.

Simplify Infra-franchise Multiple-Rate Royalties

Rapidly create and update templates to accommodate different versions of the franchise disclosure document (FDD) and multiple royalty rates for different franchisees.

Proactively Trigger Workflow

Easily create automatic reminders and to-dos to trigger actions such as remind franchisees to review their royalties or view royalty reports.

Trusted by Top Franchises to Unleash Performance. 

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