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Turn financial and operational data into actionable insights that help you rank & benchmark franchisee performance, share & implement best practice improvements, and continuously monitor & optimize performance.

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Gather & normalize your data
Synch data from:
  • Quickbooks
  • Point of Sales
  • Payroll & Workforce Data
Make your data actionable
Build your dashboard:
  • Choose from our Library
  • Customize your own
Monitor franchise health
Use data to inform business strategy:
  • Identify high performers
  • Prioritize low performers

Our Franchise Success Stories

For 17 years, ProfitKeeper has partnered with top brands to increase franchisee profitability.

“ProfitKeeper is a great plug-and-play tool that’s simple to use, especially for franchisors who don’t have the time or experience managing financial tools. It delivers excellent service and eliminates the need for a dedicated financial manager, allowing the support team to devote more time and resources to building our franchise network.”

Becky Bongiovanni, Co-Founder and Brand President | CarePatrol


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