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ProfitKeeper is easy to use and doesn’t require accounting experience. In just a few minutes a day, franchisees can enter the necessary data into templates that are customized to franchisor specifications. The straightforward, automated process helps them save time and money, and eliminates the need for an accountant or other accounting software. Reports and statements can be created, organized, and accessed in one convenient place. A variety of charts and graphs display summarized or detailed sales, costs, and profit information. Franchisees using ProfitKeeper Complete also have access to comparative graphs and charts that show how they measure up against the franchise averages.

Samples of reports and charts available on ProfitKeeper are shown below. To see more please schedule a demo.



The dashboard above displays weekly sales, operating costs, and cost of sales trackers. Provides at-a-glance summary of bank accounts and invoices. A variety of detailed snapshots are just one click away.

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Graphs that display breakouts of Sales, Labor or Operating costs (shown above) make it easy to identify areas that are above or below budget. Franchisees using ProfitKeeper Complete can compare their costs to the organization averages and find areas for potential improvement.



Detailed spending graphs (shown above) make it easier to identify areas of lost profit and implement necessary operational changes immediately.



Franchisees using ProfitKeeper Complete can also compare their performance against the organization averages (shown above) and quickly identify problems or opportunities.



From daily sales and inventory balances to vendor billing, payroll and a complete menu of financial statements (as shown above),  ProfitKeeper makes it easy to create, organize, and access reports.

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